Would you like that horrid little face glaring up YOUR asshole?

Brianna Katricha Katrina Peluso

Gay (actually, “she” says that “she’s” a woman now), penniless and homeless, Louis Piglet Peluso (formerly Dexx Jones in the world of homosexual pornography) seeks to resume a place of primacy among the depraved. The son of one of many Pasquantonio whores from Bronxville, New York and and her unknown Latino landscaper (possibly a man named Luis Serrano,) Louis Peluso has been CUT OFF from the support of a now elderly stand-in stepfather and now relies on a registered sexually predator, Aunt Katrina, who blindly supplies him with anything necessary when not having her own doors kicked-down in 3 states for incredible debt. Piglet himself is short, smelly, and obese, suffering from heart failure and numerous complications at 49, He is very likely to pass away first – unloved, unmourned, unremembered and a complete failure at everything he has ever sought to accomplish. He also dies already damned by excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church.

Raided a dozen times at multiple residences for seizures of belongings in 3 states, the Piglet has also been fired four times and endlessly evicted in less than nine months as of Januart 1, 2017. His personal debt now equals or exceeds a staggering $1,030,561 USD. “My father’s estate will pay it of when he croaks and he’s well into his high 80s,” gloats a Kimono-clad Piglet. “Dying is all he’s good for,” he proclaims. More kick-down seizures are expected to follow the Piglet as he snorts and waddles from place to place. Just Google: Louis Peluso and get all the latest information in the nation of your choice.

Soon available will be an intimate look into parts of the past of Louis Piglet Peluso. This will include sealed arrest record for homosexual arrest records in Florida and his official fatherless birth certificate in White Plains, New York. Links to these documents will be available very shortly. You have all waited long enough for them! More multimedia exposing this filthy child molester becomes more available with each passing day and will be made available, too.

You are advised not to do business of any kind with this horrendous example of what can happen on God’s day off.